Different Types Of Lawyers

Different Types Of Lawyers

You can’t really just say you want to hire a lawyer or you want to be a lawyer. That’s because it’s too vague. What you need to understand is that there are many different types of lawyers, just as there are different types of doctors, military personnel, and professional athletes. 

Here’s a list of the different types of lawyers available to you:

  • Criminal lawyer. This is the lawyer you see on TV cop shows, who the suspect hires when they’re arrested and charged. 
  • Public defendant. “If you can’t afford an attorney, one will be provided for you free of charge.” They will come from the public defendant’s office, and they’re public civil servants. 
  • Public prosecutors. These are the lawyers who lead the criminal case in court against alleged criminals. This type of career can lead to politics. 
  • Family lawyer. This is the umbrella term for divorce lawyers, those who help you prepare prenuptial agreements, and those who represent your side in child custody cases. 
  • Personal injury lawyer. This is another catch-all generic term and it describes lawyers who represent injured people who seek financial compensation for their injuries. 
  • Tax lawyer. Tax law is quite convoluted, and it’s a disaster if you need to lock horns with the IRS. Let the tax lawyer guide you and you’ll get great tax advice. 
  • Corporate lawyer. These are lawyers who work for various commercial firms. 
  • Contract lawyer. These lawyers can check out a contract to confirm what you’re actually signing for. 
  • Immigration lawyer. This type of lawyer is understandably in greater demand these days. If you need legal advice regarding your green card or refugee status, this is the lawyer you need. 
  • GP lawyer. This is the generalist, like the GP doctor. They can help with the basics for a wide variety of legal issues, and then can help find you a specialist when you need a specific type of lawyer. 

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